2004 / 2005 MFI / Boelkow ULTRALIGHT Project


Dear Pally,

Your information is very interesting for us. We have built the aircraft as
per original drawings for MFI-9HB.We have done the following changes to the
original design:

1.Fuel system now consist of 2 x 27 liter integral wing fuel tanks and 18
liters fuselage tank. It will give MFI 5-6 hours endurance. Unique and
reliable fuel quantity indicating system.
2.New engine mounts design suitable for Rotax 912 nd 914.Design for Jabiru 6
cylinder engine also available. All engine controls adapted.
3.New design- composite engine cowlings.
4.New design- instrument panel.
5.New design- closing and opening mechanism of the cabin.
6.Re-designed electrical system and avionics. Battery is now in engine
7.Czech made composite/wood prop either fixed or variable pitch.
8.Composite wheel halves.
9.Attachments for rescue parachute fitted under rear canopy.
10.Flaps have 4 positions.
11.Bigger diameter main wheels.
12.Luggage compartment behind the seats instead of the fuselage fuel tank.

Aircraft has 285 kg empty weight and is somewhat longer, as the lighter
engine had to be moved forward. MFI is now nice and sleek aircraft. Glider
towing option available on request

Basic structure of the aircraft and wings is unchanged and is made by
professional sheetmetal workers in jigs, proper rivets -no short cuts.

Whole aircraft is now in 3D digital drawings.

Second prototype will be identical, but will have longer wings and ailerons
as the BO-208.

We would like to offer re-engine kits for flying aircraft, but problem will
be certification by CAA.I assume that most of flying BO-208 and MFI-9 are
certified light aircraft? Our plane is ultralight category only.

Let me know your opinion....

Best regards,

'Najman Jaroslav'
jnajman @ ldap.cz