Heimat-Flugplatz: Nangis airport its 70 km east from Paris.

Werk-Nr.: 687/1968


Story of a Safe Landing.

i will explain you my experience :
I was at Reims Prunay airport in the good country of the Champagne wine. we were 6 airplane 5 Tempetes design by M Jurca and my bolkow. they are from of the french patrol Nangis Alpha (6 Tempetes) I had a passenger : the girlfriend of a Tempete's pilote. I started the engine ( 2 fligth during the day , the visit for the fligth had been done before the first start) I did the cheklist, engine test was OK.
We took of from Reims and took the direction of Troyes (south from Reims), no problem. I was following the tempetes, we passed over a small montains.
At this time i thank " if i have a problem here , it's hard : a forest and around raisins trees for wine ... "
we passed the mountain and over the field the engine showed vibrations and loose rpm, "hum it's not normal ..." it acted a reduction rpm of the engine, "it turn well", put power again and again vibration, i put the electric fuel pump, nothing happened always the same problem.
i reduce the engine but i didn't stop it . the engine can be used to help for the last good field.
I said to my passenger :" we have a engine failure, we have to land in a field ,sorry " I spoke i the radio to the others : "Hotel Mike i have a engine Problem I land" the patrol lead told me :" choose your field " i was looking for a landing area on my left (easy , the pilot is on the left ) : a road but there is cars, hummm not good, the field near the road?, it's ok, i turn on left, at this time i saw a tractor road, 5 km long !!!.
I called the leader "the white road behind me ? " Ok no electric line , it's ok ," Ok I go there."
I prepared the airplane, cut the electric pump, the carburator heater, put down the flaps at 17 degrees, the speed was ok , concentration, the vertical airspeed is important and the speed to 150 km/h, the max allowed for my flaps. the road is behind me and ok for landing, full flaps. I stated to land, cut the mixture, cut the magneto, during the landing. i touched the road and let it run free, it was ok behind me .
My foot were moving alone in the aircraft, concentration and it stopped. the airplane stop, i put the breaks on, cut the fuel and non necessary electric machine. I called the friends who worried about me : " it's OK for me , passenger ok ", they replyed "congratlation for your landing we wait for your phone, we go to Chalon en Champagne". I stopped the battery .
I went out the airplane, very afraid. ok no problems , no humans accident , no airplane broken.