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Post by N7003V » 02 Mar 2015 07:33

Hello Bolkow owners.

We produced a set of canopy molds here in California for making Bolkow 208 Junior front and rear canopies. We've made a few sets already and want to let other owners know that they are available here in the US if you need them. Our cost to produce either the front or rear canopy is currently $750 USD each. They're available in Clear, Gray Tint or Green Tint. Our manufacturing partner that makes the parts is a well known Aircraft Canopy company here in the Los Angeles area.

I realize that many Bolkow owners are in the EU and there are may be other sources for the canopies. But I wanted to ensure that owners know of this source as well. If you have questions, please contact me at sales @ brittaproducts "dot" com.


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Re: Canopy

Post by D-EJNA » 26 Jun 2015 10:56

Hi Robert,
thanks a lot - we will keep that in mind!
Blue skies,

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