Wing Skins

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Wing Skins

Post by N7003V » 23 Apr 2015 06:07

Hello Bolkow owners.

We are producing replacement wing skins for the Bolkow Junior 208. Our first parts should be available this summer.

We acquired a second Bolkow 208 with a damaged wing and discovered that the wing skins are difficult to source. As a result we found a company with the appropriate equipment and experience to produce them for us.

Should any owners need skins in the future, please contact me at sales @ brittaproducts "dot" com.

Long Beach, CA

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Re: Wing Skins

Post by OY-LEV » 02 May 2015 09:13

Hi Robert,
Thank You so much. We'll keep it in mind.
Happy landings,
Michael Hasselgaard

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