Best propeller?

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Best propeller?

Post by G-ATUI » 23 Dec 2016 17:48

Hello All

I bought Bo208C G-ATUI a few months ago. It came with a "climb" prop, McCauley 1A100MCM 6950 - I am finding that the prop is too fine - the cruise speed at 2500 rpm is barely 90 knots and I have to throttle well back to keep the revs down to 2500. I had planned to get the prop overhauled and re-pitched, but the prop has been condemned as scrap by the overhauler (dimensions below allowed minimum), so I need to purchase a new prop. Based on the type certificate, I have a choice of 1A100MCM at 6955 or 6758 (both same price), and I note that the POH performance figures are quoted for the 6955.

I would welcome advice from forum members on which prop to buy. I am ideally looking for a higher cruise speed and reasonable aerobatic performance but without compromising the short field performance too much.



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Re: Best propeller?

Post by D-EJNA » 01 Aug 2017 00:19

Hi Graham,
your post is very old and you got no answer. Sorry for that...
It`s not that we are inpolite, but most time we fly and use our spare time more at the airfields, rather than in Internet.

But, coming back to your question.
You always have to live with a compromise and I only can give you feedback how I am dealing with that. My prop is the McCauley 6955. This works fine for me and I am located at a real "short field" (408m concrete - EDMJ). For sure, if density altitude is very high you have to calculate - but as said, with this type of prob it is ok.
The 6955 will give you an average cruise speed of around 97-100kt at 2500rpm. Belongs for sure also to mounted or non mounted wheel pants and other aerodynamic influencing stuff.

If you have taken your decision longer time ago and this reply is much to late - no problem. For sure there will be one time one "Bölkow Rider" who will ask the same question again. :-)

Have fun and blue skies,

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