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For Monsun - Pilots

Post by dr.hh » 29 Aug 2012 12:47

The Bölkow-Junior-Enthusiasts set up a Monsun-Forum just for you.

I search a Global Moderator for the Monsun-Forum, so please send an e-mail (to or PN (personal note in the Forum to dr.hh) if you want to
moderate this Monsun-Forum.

Probably you should first start a list with Callsign / Name / e-mail / location / Telephone - number.

Tom JJ
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Re: For Monsun - Pilots

Post by Tom JJ » 22 Oct 2012 19:34

I'd simple like to thank the Junior Enthusiasts for offering this possibilty for exchange to the Monsun pilots, owners and friends.
Our planes are getting older and older and it will not get easier to keep them flying at an acceptable cost Level.
Best regards Tom

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